Market Intelligence

The best part of the change is the ability to know how to catch the opportunities and exploit them better and before the others but sometimes intuition, talent and vision are not enough.

You have to verify with data and facts and understand which reality you are going towards. TCCT's Market Intelligence Service aims to be a concrete support to decisions. Strategic analyses from which to draw useful conclusions for the choices to be made. These tools that TCCT produces with a mix of scientific approach and heritage of knowledge and experience, are the heart of the Market Intelligence activity provided by this department.

Top 30 favourite cars

By way of example, let's take one of the many results obtained from a study on the attitudes of young and aged people towards classic cars from different eras. The chart shows the ranking of preferences collected by a sample of 500 visitors of Classic car shows (Los Angeles, London, Stuttgart, Paris and Padua) interviewed personally with the same methodology. It immediately catches the eye as great icons such as the Mercedes 300 SL Goullwing cross the border of memory and like the two subsamples alike. But the situation changes radically, and the delta indicated by the table highlights it, when it comes to less famous cars. So a Delta 4x4 is among the favorites of young people but not among the elderly and, vice versa, a Mercedes "Pagoda" thrills the elderly (with consequent impact on the market price) leaving young people almost indifferent.