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The Tomorrow of History

A Passion for Classic Cars

The automobile was a main industrial driver for prosperity and an important indicator of economic progress in the last century. Rich in values in many ways, such as individual freedom, innovation, technology, sporting challenges, or taste interpretation through design.

Today mobility and the world as a whole are changing at a speed never before seen in history - a time when the combination of important values with new technologies will enable a new dimension of passion and a sustainable future for tradition.

The Classic Car Trust is dedicated to fostering the heritage, enjoyment and preservation of classic cars in a fast-moving world and engages with key players and the most important collectors in the global classic car market. TCCT publishes with the KEY the annual top 100 collector's ranking. With the leader forum, TCCT brings together industry key players with the leader forum to discuss solutions for the classic car world's most pressing questions.

TCCT has been working with Pininfarina, Zagato, Racing Unleashed, and the digital company 21iLAB to combine the best tradition of automotive design with opportunities offered by new technologies to simulate driving the great cars of the past on fascinating roads and famous tracks. Get an idea about all this here: tcct.com/eclassic.

Owners, their families and friends of these precious objects can become members of the TCCT eClassic Racing Club - an online community where collectors, aficionados and racers connect with their eClassic simulators to eDrive and eRace with other members or to get their practice sessions in the eAcademy. Leisure eDriving with friends, Gentlemen Club eRacing and serious eClassic championships.

Job Opportunities

Commercial Director

We are searching for a petrolhead personality with love for classic cars and credibility for eClassic - a professional sales director with an elegant contemporary lifestyle spirit, with a proven track record in the luxury brand industry who can convince VIP customers with his experience, his heart and with discipline. A caretaking team leader who motivates team members, distribution partners and our ambassador and friends network. A focused business builder speaking English, German and/or Italian.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Some people can organize quite easily. Everything always works out. Organizing things is in their DNA. We are a start-up with simulators produced by a partner in Maranello, designed by Pininfarina or Zagato, with sophisticated proprietary digital classic car world systems used by customers via mobile App. We start to deliver in 2021 as a "white glove service" to VIP customers in Italy and Switzerland, and we prepare to deliver in 2022 into other European countries and to the United States. English, Italian and/or German. Please convince us with your resume that you are our man or our woman.


Club Manager

We are building a unique international classic car community with the club, endorsing and stimulating a new dimension of classic car enjoyment. We look for a promoter who gets and keeps the club members excited by organizing digital events for them — an animator who brings classic car use in the digital age to a new dimension. You do not have to be a next-generation Bernie Ecclestone, but a service-oriented digital native with motorsport event experience will do it. English, Italian and/or German-speaking.