The Key. A year of passion.

Classic cars are a heritage of culture, passion and business to nurture and preserve.
This is the goal of The Key.

The key year books

Every year The Key reports on time the activities carried out by TCCT, offering unique and original stories that make it a publication not to be missed for whoever loves collecting classic cars.

List of the key year books

The professional profiles and potential job opportunities involved, the commercial implications and the cultural heritage all call for farsighted promotion and development, hand in hand with the main actors in the field. “The Key“ offers an in-depth analysis of a world that embraces both passion and business.

Year by year the chapters of The Key

  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 1.Passion? It’s possible
  • 2.I just wanted to tell you why
  • 3.Je ne sais quoi
  • 4.Recognition of accomplishment – Looking ahead
  • 5.And the Best of the Best is…
  • 6.Top 100 Collectors 2019
  • 7.Great things are born of dreams
  • 8.Cars, Architects, and Designers
  • 9.Democracy? No, thank you
  • 10.Racing the History
  • 11.Collier collection. More than a family passion
  • 12.British Mystique
  • 13.Young Judges: Mainstays for the Future
  • 14.Lucky to have been there
  • 15.A Bugatti in Your Garage?
  • 16.D on D
  • 17.Japanese people, and their subtle love for collecting
  • 18.Cockpit
  • 19.The collectors who foresaw the future
  • 20.Secrets around the world
  • 21.The Secret Archives of The Classic Car Trust
  • 1.Top of the Classic Car World
  • 2.Jean Todt
  • 3.Best of the Best
  • 4.Top 100 Collectors 2018
  • 5.Elvis’ 507 Before & After
  • 6.Sandra Button: Pebble Beach Today & Tomorrow
  • 7.Lorenzo Ramaciotti: Celebrating the best in beauty and style at Villa d’Este The chief judge at Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este explains why car design
  • 8.The Quest for beauty
  • 9.The art and craftsmanship of Dino Cognolato
  • 10.A look behind the curtains of the Spiess Collection
  • 11.1000 Miglia
  • 12.The Value Drivers of Car Collecting
  • 13.The Queen, the Outsider, and the Unexpected
  • 14.Art & Cars
  • 15.The Times They Are A-Changin’
  • 16.The value of time
  • 17.Secrets of Concours Judging
  • 18.Cockpit
  • 19.Seriousness and competence
  • 20.Brand Warranties & Certifications
  • 21.A Tale
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So, what drivers of change could disrupt
the classic car market?

What attitude will the new generation have towards collectable cars? How will this attitude affect the inheritance of important models and entire collections? Might a widespread lack of interest lead to price reductions, or to the dispersion of models with great historical and cultural importance?


What’s inside The Key?

Browsing through the pages the richness and the depth of contents of The Key 2019 come to light. Characters, events, data and statistics allow to define precise boundaries of the great world of classic cars.

What’s inside The Key?

Enjoy the ride with us.

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