TCCT’s Ranking 2021 Top 100 Collectors

Every year The Key publishes the ranking of the top 100 collectors in the Classic Cars world. Beyond the value of the owner's collection, the ranking also considers additional relevant parameters.

Discover here below, the first 10.


Arturo Keller

Score 84.00

“He wouldn’t say this because he’s a modest person, but I can assure you that Arturo’s is probably among the top three private collections in the world,” declares Michael Kadoorie. “Ask anybody who has seen it.” Arturo Keller is indeed a highly reserved, private man who shuns the spotlight, probably one of the key figures in the world of classic car collectors. His collection…


Evert Louwman

Score 83.04

Evert Louwman’s father was professionally involved in the automobile sector, founding a car dealership and later collecting classic cars as well. When Evert took over the business, he expanded the collection, his chosen automobiles including the most important European and international cars. A singular feature of the collection is the fact that almost all the vehicles are preserved in original condition.


Ralph Lauren

Score 83.00

Ralph Lauren is not only a world-class fashion designer and successful businessman, but also an ardent classic car collector. “Cars say as much about you as your clothes do,” he declares. “For me, they are like artworks crafted not only for speed but also for style and beauty.” The broad spectrum of remarkable vehicles…


Miles Collier

Score 82.53

Born into an American family of car enthusiasts, Miles Collier grew up in the automobile milieu. His father and his uncle introduced sports car racing to the United States. In the late 1980s he acquired the Cunningham Museum Collection, known today as the Collier Collection…


Fred Simeone

Score 81.28

Born in Pennsylvania, Fred Simeone is a retired neurosurgeon who fell in love with cars in early childhood. His father not only aroused his son’s interest in cars, taking him along on visits to promising junkyards, but also gave him his first car: an Alfa Romeo. An outstanding feature of Fred Simeone’s collection, probably the only one of its kind in the US, is the originality and preserved state of the cars…


Lawrence Auriana

Score 71.05

During his professional career, Lawrence Auriana worked as a financial specialist and held various executive positions. He acquired his first car at the tender age of 12, and today owns what is arguably the most important Maserati collection worldwide, including the only 16 cylinder Maserati ever built, as well as a number of amazing Alfa Romeos and Ferraris.


William "Chip" Connor

Score 69.01

William E. “Chip” Connor II is a Japanese-born Hong Kong-based business man and classic car collector. His collection of over 100 automobiles ranges from those of the classic era to 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s sports/ racing cars.


Anne Brockinton Lee

Score 68.40

The extraordinary passion with which Anne Lee has given continuity to Robert Lee’s magnificent collection is extremely positive for the world of collecting. It shows that women can play a leading role at events and, at the same time, contribute towards the preservation of the heritage that is now in their hands.


Samuel Robson Walton

Score 65.86

Sam Walton is an American businessman and renowned car collector. He was the Chairman of Walmart from 1992 to 2015, the largest retailer in the world. Passionately involved in racing on track, he has built up a collection featuring the greatest 1950s and 1960s sports and racing vehicles: mostly Ferraris, Maseratis, and Porsches…


Albert Spiess

Score 64.83

Silent and discreet, Albert Spiess continues to grow his magnificent collection of cars according to different approaches united by the same logic: to understand and deepen the values and characteristics of the brands in his possession: his Lamborghini collection is the only true witness to the history of the Sant'Agata brand in the world.