The Circle 2018

The Program


Keynote: “The Circle, why and what?”

Fritz Kaiser

We live in an exciting moment of history with fast and fundamental change. The internet has and will continue to disrupt industries including the car industry. Classic car collectors, aficionados and industry stakeholders love old cars as a passion or as a business and want this wonderful story to continue.


Leader’s Insight “The Revs Institute”

Miles Collier

Miles Collier’s top position in the collector rankings of The Key isn’t just founded on the quality of his collection, Fritz Kaiser said in the beginning. He introduced into the minds of the audience the idea that Mr. Collier has contributed to the future of the classic car in many ways. A crucial element of the collector’s efforts is the Revs Institute, so this institution was the center of Mr. Collier’s presentation.


What is the future of classic car events?

Christian Philippsen, Mark N. Backé, Ulrich Knieps, Luigi Orlandini, Patrick Rollet

Monaco’s acclaimed classic car advisor Christian Philippsen hosted the panel on the future of classic car events opening the session with three challenges. In his introduction, Mr. Philippsen came up with the following three topics:

  • How do you deal with the rising number of restrictions?
  • Will autonomous and classic cars share the road in the near future?
  • How might the next generation be attracted for classic car events?

Tribute to Giorgetto Giugiaro

Giorgetto Giugiaro

Fritz Kaiser, founder of The Classic Car Trust, introduced the audience to the award, his organization grants to leading personalities of the industry. Every year, the International Leader Award recognizes the lifetime achievements or very special achievements during a year. He then passed the words to Antonio Ghini to speak some words of honor.


Past, present and future of great Italian car design

Antonio Ghini, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Roberto Giolito, Andrea Zagato

Each of us is being divided between nostalgia and hope for the future. Three Italian design masters, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Roberto Giolito and Andrea Zagato, have been able to confirm that the past and present coexist perfectly, adapting to the changing technologies, customs and looking to the future.


The Classic Car Collector’s Panel

Fritz Kaiser, Miles Collier, Silvia Nicolis, Corrado Lopresto

All the collectors attending are driven by passion, they are not investors looking for opportunities. The first thing to discover is what originated this passion. The answer, despite the diversity of age, origin, culture and sex, given the presence of an important female collector, is shared: having had the opportunity, thanks to their families, of understanding the human history, technique and style linked to an era, which lies behind every single car. Being able to know this means falling in love with those unique objects that have gone from being used on the street or on the track, to museums and collections.


“The automotive big picture”

Jens Monsees

In his introductory words, Fritz Kaiser mentioned Uber and Facebook as two examples, disrupting industries „in no time.“ The automotive industry is affected by this as well so „what does this mean for our beloved classic car collecting,“ Fritz Kaiser kept in mind, passing the word to Jens Monsees, a digital strategist with experience at Google and companies in Silicon Valley. Today, the German manager oversees the digital transformation at BMW.