A new dimension in classic car passion

We love these jewels from the past. The fascinating body designs, the bespoke interiors, the technology, the smell of leather and gasoline. Driving them is a real pleasure, and the sound of their engines is like music. But all too often we can’t enjoy these automotive icons to the full because they are kept idle in their garages. TCCT is proud to be launching eClassic, which allows to drive and race with classic cars whenever and wherever – safely and at no cost to the environment, in a genuinely exciting experience. With eClassic TCCT is adding a new dimension to the classic car experience.

TCCT has worked with RACING UNLEASHED to convert state-of-the-art high-end simulator technology – used by race drivers for training purposes – into a unique classic car driver experience. PININFARINA and ZAGATO have joined TCCT to design new masterpieces that ensure the perfect look and feel.

Classic Car aficionados can now become part of an exclusive and unparalleled dynamic community. Members of the exclusive eClassic Racing Club will be a live and digitally connected community of like-minded collectors and aficionados. There will be training sessions and coaching programs and members will be able to enjoy their passion alone on a Sunday morning drive or together with friends in a gentlemen races or championships. 

Coming in 2021

eClassic information Desk

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