TCCT eClassic Brescia 2020, “Tribute to 1000 Miglia”

A success driven by passion.

TCCT was present at the “most beautiful race in the world” with the eClassic Racing initiative. During the three days of “Verifiche” before the race, Mille Miglia participants had the chance to try out for the first time the high-end simulators “Elio Z”, “Sportiva” and “Leggenda”, designed by Pininfarina and Zagato for TCCT. Drivers there could experience the legendary 1966 Monza track, the one that still had the “Sopraelevate” curves, with the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. During these three days more than one hundred people have tested the eClassic initiative.

The design of the objects, the concept of a Club of like-minded car enthusiasts, but above all the driving experience so realistic and fun, genuinely amazed all participants, both young and old.

The three fastest drivers of the TCCT eClassic Ranking were recognized with special awards.

Congratulations to the overall winner Nick Scott, the fastest racer, who is driving at the 1000 Miglia with his Aston Martin DB2 (number 378).

The TCCT eClassic team is honored to have been part of this special 1000 Miglia with the eClassic initiative. We also want to congratulate the organizers for setting up this event very efficiently in such difficult times. The Mille Miglia 2020 was the proof that events can be organized safely, always respecting the rules. 

The TCCT eClassic Racing stand at the Mille Miglia Paddock in Fiera.
The spectacular lineup of the Mille Miglia cars, ready for the race.
The Sportiva simulator in action. A beautiful design by Pininfarina.
The Elio Z simulator, designed by Zagato. A true masterpiece.
The TCCT team, driven by passion and enthusiasm for this wonderful initiative at the most beautiful race in the world.
The overall winner, Nick Scott (right), who will drive the Mille Miglia with his Aston Martin DB2.