The Tomorrow of History starts now

“With eClassic we drive the great cars of yesteryear, from the living room, into the future.
The eClassic Club unites generations in their passion for classic cars and connects reality with the virtual world. Whenever. Wherever.
This is the Tomorrow of History. A thrilling, eco-friendly experience”. 

This is the comment of Fritz Kaiser, collector and founder of TCCT (The Classic Car Trust).

From next week, in St Moritz, during the Bernina Gran Turismo, the classic car simulators by Zagato and Pininfarina will be the stars: before the race all the drivers will study the route by driving them in the special Paddock of the Hotel Kempinski in St Moritz. A world premiere! All under the banner of “The eClassic Club”, a true gateway to a new dimension of the classic car experience that leads to the “Tomorrow of History”.

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Elio Z by Zagato
From today, “Elio Z” by Zagato exists
Sportiva by Pininfarina
From today, “Sportiva” by Pininfarina exists
3-Elio Z
“Elio Z” by Zagato
“Elio Z” by Zagato
“Sportiva” by Pininfarina
“Sportiva” by Pininfarina
eClassic Program
The eClassic program is identified by this symbol