The Key

Scent of a Woman

Photo credit: Museo Nicolis

Everyone knows that daughters have a special bond with their fathers. Silvia Nicolis, who today runs the magnificent museum that houses her collection in Villafranca in Verona, Italy, felt this bond even stronger when her father passed away, prematurely, leaving her with the responsibility of guaranteeing continuity and honouring the thing he had loved the most in his life. The Key 2020, in the pages dedicated to young collectors, talks to Silvia to find out what it means to have a direct and intense relationship with each of the more than 100 cars that animate her museum. If ever we needed conformation of the important role women can play in the world of collecting, Silvia is simply the finest example there is: for her, every detail must be historically perfect. For her, every car must have its own history and every car must be able to go outside using its own engine. A beautiful knowledge worth turning into an experience by visiting Villafranca, close to the airport of Verona, to discover this magnificent reality.

Silvia Nicolis in the 1938 Lancia Astura MM sport together with “Freccia”, the mascot of the Nicolis Museum
The entrance of the Nicolis Museum in Villafranca di Verona. A Maserati 3500 GT Spider welcomes visitors
A clear message inside the museum: the collection starts from the models from the beginning of the last century to the great classics of the 1970s
The feminine touch of the Nicolis Museum: often a vintage-perfect dress accompanies the models on display
At the Nicolis Museum there are numerous themed exhibitions. The Vespa exhibition was a great success in 2019. Silvia helps out!