The Key

Among Equals

Photo credit: Cici Muldoon, Katarina Kyvalova, Anne Brockinton Lee

Men who still harbour doubts as to whether cars are still their sole privilege, after reading the in-depth analysis published in The Key 2020, will be overwhelmingly convinced that they are not. And to back it up, not one trace of an opinion: two surveys have been carried out, one interviewing women who, in some form, already frequent the world of classic car events, the other regarding women who own a car and the discoveries were eye opening. The former love Rally events such as Concours d’Elegance and aspire to become participants themselves. Participants without inhibitions or fear of any sort. Just as interesting from this survey carried out on a statistically relevant sample population from Europe and the United States, was just how much women perceive cars as essential and exciting. The Americans love driving more than the Europeans and have a greater desire to participate in events with their cars. In this sense, classic cars are a veritable attraction for them, for two reasons: the pleasure that comes with being different and the refined pursuit of personal styles that allow them to stand out. This Market Intelligence enquiry is not only interesting but also should inspire organizers to involve women more in order to generate that level of enthusiasm which is fundamental to the success of every initiative.

Concours d’Elegance are exciting places, so much so that everyone can improvise themselves as photographers
Being behind the wheel of a sports car at a Concours d’Elegance means adding even more glamour to an already glamourous event
The good fortune of owning a unique example, like this Lancia Aurelia PF200C Spider by Pinin Farina
Driving in a non-competitive rally is what the interviewees of The Key survey indicate as their preferred experience
They are fearless! Full throttle in a 1930s Bentley on the Laguna Seca track. Men and women: zero differences