Cockpit: data and studies

Under 30 – Over 55
What’s behind the passion

The Classic Car Trust presents the first survey comparing the tastes and opinions of the younger and older age categories

As a whole, the answers distributed on a 1-5 point rating scale reveal that people’s reasons for loving classic cars are different: for young people, classic cars bear witness to a cultural heritage to discover and preserve; for older people, they represent memories, the pleasures of driving and taking part in events.

This being the case, the data provides clear answers for each question: for the over 55s, classic cars represent first and foremost memories of youth (69%), along with pleasure of driving real cars without all the automatic devices of today’s vehicles (44%), and the chance to have fun at events and rallies (27%).

Other positive considerations embrace the cultural dimension with its style and technical content, and the focus on years perceived as different from the present.

For the under 30s, the values are inverted: first and foremost classic cars bear witness to the evolution of technology and style (42%), speaking for what are perceived as happier years (17%). The pleasure of driving real cars takes second place. Moreover, for young people ownership of a non-contemporary car is seen as a way of being different, of getting out of the mainstream (23%).

The reasons behind the love of classic cars are different between young and older people