Virtual Garage

The TCCT Virtual Garage is back for 2023

Photo credit: ACA Anglia Car Auctions, Bonhams, CCA Classic Car Auctions, Gooding, H&H, Mecum, RM Sotheby’s

Who remembers our three collectors, one careful about money, one quite wealthy and one decidedly fortunate, who spent 2022 buying cars for their collections at international auctions to keep in our virtual garages? Well, they’re back again this year too, and we are right there with them. Here, we’ve listed the cars they have chosen from the opening European and American auctions of this year.

As always, the TCCT editorial staff also made a choice: the 1951 Jaguar XK120 LT3 Works Lightweight Sports Racer-LT3, ready to race at classic car events. How much did it cost us? €727,550 ($775,000) worth every cent.

The Cautious

The Sober

The Wealthy

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