The Key

The Key 2021 is coming to surprise even more

Always recognizable by the large key that graces the cover, ideally the ignition key of a Classic car, always different and full of exciting and important topics for those who love collecting.

We are talking about The Key 2021, Top of the Classic Car World. Its arrival just before the holidays, is an opportunity to enrich one’s knowledge and discover new facts and information. It was back in 2018 when the ranking of the top 100 collectors from the five continents was published for the first time in the world. A ranking that has since become a reference for the sector and a source of pride for those who are part of it. Also in 2018, an in-depth analysis of the 1000 Miglia “phenomenon” and the reasons for its continued success. And then the portrait, which was also an accurate analysis of his working methods and the reason why the great international collectors turn to him, of the restorer Dino Cognolato, an Italian Renaissance artist transposed into the modern era. Here again, we looked at the cultured association between famous modern and contemporary artists, with the leading brands of collectible cars.

In 2019, The Key surprised readers with scientific research that confirmed the correlation between memory and the type of car you love. Different generations united by different cars, a law from which only iconic models escape, such as the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing and unique brands, such as Ferrari. Unmissable, a book within book, was the 10-chapter feature on Ettore Bugatti and the Brand that bears his name. 10 chapters with unpublished stories and important and fitting historical clarifications.

Finally, the 2020 edition of The Key, which published an important international survey that revealed how much women love the car and are attracted to the world of Classics, a world they find as original and seductive as fashion. And so much more besides, such as a gallery of secret photos of Steve McQueen the driver, the great cars of Scaglione, the American dream of Bulgari and the remarkable and unknown history of the many cars designed and produced in the Soviet Union. All this, as always, accompanied by the Ranking of the world’s 100 Top Collectors and by valuable statistics that put the importance of collecting into perspective.

The Key 2021 will go even further with stories, data, and facts to discover and cherish. Available to purchase from 20th December on TCCT.com and through the social networks of TCCT, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, you can pre-order your copy now at the special price of €66, $66 or CHF66. Simply send an e-mail to office@tcct.com