History and histories

The other Villa d’Este

Photo credit: Federico Gualandi

One of the magical qualities of Lake Como is the array of magnificent villas built by wealthy Milanese during the first half of last century, on the slopes of the mountains that descend towards the coast, of which Villa d’Este, transformed into a hotel, is by far the most famous.

Last weekend, Villa del Grumello was a true discovery, with its aristocratic appointment, “Fuoriconcorso”. Beautiful cars, beautiful people, and sublimely stylish just the way you expect it to be. Completing the surprise were the two eClassic simulators by Zagato and Pininfarina, which were tested and appreciated in the villa’s environmentally friendly and decidedly beautiful greenhouse. Many beautiful cars on display, no jury, but we would like to elect our own Best of Show: the almost unknown prototype of the Lancia Stratos made by Stola in 2000.

A Jaguar XJ220 in the characteristic charm of Lake Como
Originality and memory: the prototype of a contemporary Stratos built by Stola received our symbolic Best of Show award
A high quality and highly selected audience at the Fuoriconcorso: here the writer and opinion maker Ted Gushue driving the “Sportiva” simulator by Pininfarina
Certified by Ferrari, although not in its original colour, the black F40 outclasses itself
Driving in the greenhouse of the villa that housed the simulators: the same challenge as at the Bernina Gran Turismo with a climb to the Pass
In addition to hosting the simulators, the dedicated greenhouse in St. Moritz displayed a number of cars
One of the avenues of the villa was used to display famous road-going versions of rally cars. These included the very rare Audi Sport Quattro
A view of some of the cars on display from the roof garden of the villa facing Como and its lake
With great commitment to tomorrow: young people are instantly attracted to simulators and often show great talent