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James Bond? No, Fritz Kaiser awarded

The prestigious Italian monthly magazine, Ruoteclassiche, has awarded Fritz Kaiser, a collector who decided to put his passion for classic cars to good use by ensuring their heritage is protected for posterity. At an international level, collecting means far more than just advancing the culture of the automobile, it also translates into job opportunities for young people, events, museum facilities and everything else that revolves around our passion for that extraordinary object called the car.

Sauber Formula 1 team
Fritz Kaiser’s passion for cars began at the helm of the Sauber Formula 1 team, when he brought in Red Bull as sponsors of the Swiss team and even managed to source Ferrari engines
Kaiser Partner 2020
In the fascinating Vaduz campus where his company Kaiser Partner is located, he soon found a space that could accommodate classic cars. Among these, his favourite that he loves taking to events: the Porsche 550 RS that won at the Nürburgring
The Key
His entrepreneurial acumen blends seamlessly with his passion: the world of collecting needs to look to the future. As a result, he created the annual publication The Key, the only periodical to publish the ranking of the world’s top 100 collectors
Paloma Picasso
For Kaiser, classic cars represent an expression of culture and art. Among his initiatives, bringing Paloma Picasso, the daughter of the famous maestro and an artist herself, to the 1000 Miglia
Kaiser has an international vision, and one of his cars, the Miura that starred in the film “The Italian Job” won an award at the famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
Jean Todt
Every year he organizes an international forum on the theme of collecting. In 2019 at the FIA headquarters in Paris, with Jean Todt present, he gathered enough consensus to bring new technologies to the development of collecting. This is how eClassic came to be
TCCT eClassic
15 days ago, TCCT eClassic became a reality with the enthusiasm of collectors who now have an extra opportunity to enjoy their passion
Fritz Kaiser
Reality – here is Fritz Kaiser, fully committed in the Bernina Gran Turismo hillclimb race – and virtual driving are seamlessly combined, just like in F1, to improve performance, respect the environment and increase safety
Best in Classic
For these reasons, the famous Italian monthly magazine Ruoteclassiche presented him with the “Best in Classic” award in an evening that was reminiscent of the Oscars