History and histories

Happy New Year? Happy New Year!

At TCCT and The Key, we would like to think so. I am writing these words on behalf of all those who work with me to offer data, facts and emotions to those who love Classic Cars.

This difficult 2020 has rewarded us with your interest and your loyalty. We have learned a lot and our wish is that 2021 provides those who follow us with even more interest and content. We will therefore focus on studies and insights, giving top priority to the quality of news and facts over quantity.

TCCT aims to help the world of car collecting move towards a more positive and certain future. Positive because everyone including the younger generations appreciates it for its cultural, historical and passionate qualities. In the hope that the events and the possibilities to use classic cars continue on a path of pleasure and joy, we wish you 

A Happy 2021, 2022, 2023… and many more besides. Thank you! 

Antonio Ghini


Meanwhile, let’s remember the 10 most successful posts of 2020


First, Sean Connery: used to winning
Second, the GT40 legend
Third, the pre-war seduction
Fourth, the attraction of the beast
Fifth, the most popular auction


First, DS: forever modern
Second, jumping to success
Third, the power of Red
Fourth, made for Le Mans
Fifth, the shark’s fin