Classic Car Trust

TCCT – The Classic Car Trivia

Enjoy your passion with family and friends

Available from 31st December 2020. Play, with your family, with friends or… even alone. 99 questions about classic cars and their history. Four answers for each one. Which one is right?


Three levels: easy, up to 33 (Star); difficult, 33-66 (Superstar); very difficult: 66-99 (Excellence). Scores: 1 easy, 1.5 difficult, 2 very difficult. Naturally, the points scored in the second and third phases will have to be multiplied by 1.5 and 2.

There are many ways to play: one question per player moving clockwise. Alternatively, answer until you get one wrong and then move on to the next player, or everyone marks their answer on a sheet of paper and, in the end, you count the points. In this case there must be a game host who keeps the score.

Perfect for a home-made year end like this one!

Best wishes from TCCT.com for a (choose the correct answer)  Beautiful / Fantastic / Magnificent / Amazing 2021.