The Key

She knows what she wants

Photo credit: Targa Florio, Pinterest

Those who have not yet noticed that when it comes to cars gender difference is well and truly a thing of the past, should purchase or download The Key which will be released on 18th December. The TCCT yearbook commissioned a leading international institute to conduct a study into the relationship between women and cars and in particular with classic cars. The results are exactly what some simply don’t want to hear: they aren’t in the least bit phased by their smaller physique in a field where men have always seen themselves as the “master”. Not only that, they fully understand the elegance, diversity and style inherent to classic cars, which men all too often overlook. And we are talking about normal or sports cars, certainly not racing cars, even if there has been no shortage of very talented women in races over the years. On the race circuits, as far back as the pre-war period, countess Avanzo raced with the Alfa 6C by Zagato, while in the 1950s, Maria Teresa de Filippis drove the Maserati 250F in Formula 1. Still on the circuits, Marie Claude Beaumont and Lella Lombardi were very strong on the European circuits behind the wheel of their sports prototypes, while in the USA 350 miles-per-hour women are not uncommon. Think of Danica Patrick in Nascar and Indycar or Jessi Combs for that matter.

The same thing can be said in rally sport where names such as Michele Mouton and Pat Moss – yes, Stirling’s sister – have racked up outright victories. And there has been no lack of speed records and courage either: the beautiful Dorothy Levitt and Jessi Combs, who died driving a record-breaking car powered by a jet engine while attempting to break her own record.

Beautiful and famous, the French model and dancer Hellé Nice, who took part in several Grand Prix races from 1928 to 1939 driving numerous Bugattis
Maria Antonietta Avanzo, a highly respected international driver, who even attempted to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 in 1932
Maria Teresa de Filippis raced in Formula 1 in the 1950s, driving the the Maserati 250F
Flowers and trophies for Pat Moss after winning at Liège-Rome-Liège in 1960 with an Austin Healey 3000
Lella Lombardi and Marie Claude Beaumont pose on the elevated Monza circuit with their Alpine-Renault A441 with which they dominated their class
Michèle Mouton, second in the 1982 World Rally Championship and winner of 4 races with the Audi Quattro
Danica Patrick ready to race with number 13 at the Indianapolis 500 without superstition
Beautiful, brave and unfortunate: Jessi Combs rejoices after breaking the woman’s land-speed record with 522.783 mph or 841.338 km/h. She met her death attempting to break her own record