The Key

Perfection of Elegance

Photo credit: Ralph Lauren, Pinterest, Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Unlike many other sectors, including cars, great fashion has that innate ability to express the tastes and feelings of those who create it. The garments of Armani, Miyake, Tom Ford and Valentino are easily recognized but above all, Ralph Lauren, with his timeless elegance, is recognized by everyone. Spending three hours with him, among the cars of his collection and listening to him speak, the reasons become clear. He is inspired by things that are immediately perceived as beautiful. So, hearing him speak about each one of his cars, on magnificent display over two floors of an indescribably beautiful garage museum, these suddenly come across as his inspirational muses. The Bugatti Atlantic, Count Trossi’s Mercedes, the most important Ferraris from Maranello, the many different Porsches in their austere livery, all bear witness to this fact. Very few people in the world have had the privilege of experiencing what the great American designer feels when he drives them. Few understand how the details of the choices he makes for his fashion collections that do not pursue innovation but rather reassure the wearer with the sumptuous safety of the classic made contemporary, originated from his passion.

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One of Ralph Lauren’s great passions is the McLaren F1 which he often takes out of its garage to drive on the road
A truly unique fashion show organized by Ralph Lauren in the pavilions of his magnificent collec-tion near New York
One of the cars the famous designer is most proud of is his Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic captured here on the day it won Best of Show at the famous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
A glimpse of the DAD Garage (DAD are the initials of Ralph Lauren’s three children), where four magnificent Ferraris reside: from left, the 250 California, the 250 LM, the P2/3 and the 275 NART Spider
In this image, Ralph Lauren shows how his style in clothing and automobiles are a perfect fit: a magnificent old-fashion jumpsuit and large belt proposed today as timeless objects