The Key

Bulli & Waves

Photo credit: Pramac Racing, Pinterest, Wheelsage

There are many reasons why people start collecting, but one of the best reasons is surely the chance to use the collectable model you have in your garage. Alex Ghini – working in MotoGP for the Parmac Ducati team – has found a way to combine his two passions: surfing and collecting. What better than a VW Bully to reach the most famous spots, in Sardinia or in Biarritz, in San Diego or on the Mexican coast of Baja? If the Minibus is a Westfalia, complete with kitchen, bed and spaces for all the accessories a sport like this demands, well then it’s even better. The Key 2020 tells this story in the section dedicated to young collectors, remembering what a magnificent role these simple, robust and versatile creations by Volkswagen have occupied and continue to do so since 1950. There are too many versions to count: not only work vans but also pick-ups, two- and four-door cabs, glazed minibuses in the most diverse configurations, including the additional small windows placed above the normal ones to make it brighter inside. And then the campervans, made by many different companies, principally Westfalia and Dormobile. The first one Alex bought, which paved the way for a whole series, was from this brand. But there’s more: Alex buys his Bullies when he discovers a great deal – the last one was in Arizona, found on eBay, brought to Europe by ship – and he personally restores them with all the meticulousness of someone who truly loves their vehicle. The research to determine the original colours, the discovery of the many details, the recovery of fabrics and accessories. Wonderful. And then, when it’s ready, it’s off towards the sea to find the best waves.

Who wouldn’t want one? Maybe two, maybe three? Seeing just how many extraordinary versions of the legendary Bully are out there, it’s easy to understand why those who love life and nature choose to collect them
Surfers, Californians first and foremost, have made bullies a symbol of their passion
Alex at work in the MotoGP motorhome of the Pramac team gives a show of power with dozens and dozens of passes that any enthusiast would love to have
The best interpretation of a Bully is one that has been transformed into a travelling home, perfect for those who love sport and nature
Such an original, simple and functional vehicle could not have failed to become a symbol of the hippie movement. The choice of how to decorate it was left entirely up to the owner! This is a recreation of the 1969 Bully made for the famous Woodstock festival