The Key

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Photo credit: Cavallino Classic, Aeromobilia

Any endeavour that is the fruit of human ingenuity deserves to be preserved. The automobile, for the use we make of it, is destined to be subjected to wear and tear that may also be accompanied by aesthetic and technical alterations throughout its life that alter its original state.

When the cars we are talking about are valuable for reasons of rarity, looks or performance, this risk increases. In the United States, Ferrari has always been an aspirational marque. However, sometimes the value of a correct and meticulous preservation is overlooked. To save the small Italian brand from the loss of its precious heritage, John Barnes created a scrupulous magazine, called Cavallino, which provides highly accurate data on the various Ferrari models, as well as organizing the highly educational annual Cavallino Classic event in Florida. In fact, since the first appointment in 1992, the rules that judges are asked to follow when awarding prizes have followed a criterion of absolute rigour that has become the standard for large international competitions. Today, Ferrari is extremely grateful to John Barnes for what he did and Enzo Ferrari himself sensed the opportunity when the project was first submitted to him. More on the interesting and enlightening story in The Key 2020. But there’s more, just yesterday it was announced that the Cavallino magazine and the Cavallino Classic Concours d’Elegance are returning to Italian hands. Luigi Orlandini of Canossa Events, who organises a number of events for Ferrari, has acquired control of this precious heritage of culture and experience.

When Enzo Ferrari received the first issue of Cavallino magazine in 1978, he immediately understood the importance of the project and congratulated himself, but asked that his brand not be used as boldly as it was on the first cover
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Ferrari won the hearts of Americans with two 250 spider models: The Pininfarina version was more sober and elegant and the magnificent California variant by Scaglietti, shown here at Cavallino Classic
A truly extraordinary group of Ferraris on display in the magnificent climate of Florida: from sports cars such as the 500 Testa Rossa Pontoon Fender to the magnificent Gran Turismo models including a competition-spec Tour de France
The Cavallino Classic Competition wouldn’t be what it is without the 250 GTOs which even venture out onto the track
A group shot of the Cavallino Classic event. We would prefer not to estimate millions of dollars in value shown in this image