Winning the 1000 Miglia is difficult. Winning it before you begin, is extraordinary

Photo credit: Federico Gualandi

After St. Moritz, it was Brescia’s turn to host an event for drivers of classic cars, those registered to participate in the 1000 Miglia, with the TCCT eClassic simulators. A real race on the legendary Monza track, to feel first hand just how good these fascinating machines designed by Zagato and Pininfarina are at reproducing an unforgettable reality. The quickest on the circuit was the expert Nick Scott, who started today behind the wheel of his Aston Martin DB2 number 378 to cover the 1000 Miglia with the satisfaction of having already taken home a victory.

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Ready to race, the TCCT eClassic simulators inside the verification pavilion of the 1000 Miglia in Brescia, awaiting the start of the competition between the competing drivers
In action on the historic Monza track with the thrill of the famous elevated curves
The past meets the future: simulators and classic cars in the 1000 Miglia verification pavilion
Nick Scott, with his companion Philip Torr and their Aston Martin DB2, best time on the Monza circuit with the TCCT eClassic simulators
The magical atmosphere in Brescia before the event
Manual gearbox and clutch pedal just like a real car
The adrenaline of the race
The TCCT eClassic team who managed three days of passionate participation