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Rallylegend 2020

Photo credit: Evolvency

After all is said and done, the true legends of rallies were those extraordinary cars of the past that are loved by both participants and spectators and even go so far as to rival the successes of today’s cars. Among the most eagerly anticipated and exciting events is without question Rallylegend in San Marino, which this year saw the special presence of the President of the International Federation of Motoring (FIA), Jean Todt, as a clear demonstration of the attention the sports authority has for these kinds of races. It should not be forgotten that Todt’s career in motorsport started with rallies during that period in which the cars, today all historic, were the same ones on this year’s starting line.

An as-perfect-as-ever Audi Quattro from 1985 on the narrow and suggestive streets of the Republic of San Marino

The race, now in its 18th year, takes place over several special stages within the small territory of the Republic of San Marino. Among the most interesting and most successful cars at the start this year were the Lancia 037, Fulvia HF, Stratos, Fiat 131 Abarth, Porsche 911, and Audi Quattro.

Full of evocative memories is the tiny Lancia Fulvia HF that left its mark on the rallies in the mid-1960s

 The victory in the Historic category went to Marco Bianchini paired with Giulia Paganoni driving the Lancia 037 number 10, while in the special Legend category, the rankings were already determined by the victories won over their careers by some of the greatest champions of the past such as Ari Vatanen, Francois Delecour and Miki Biasion.

The magnificent Lancia 037 admired by a decidedly sizeable public. A sister car (the one on cover driven by Marco Bianchini and Giulia Paganoni) won the 2020 edition