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Under 30 – Over 55 Brands to invest in

The Classic Car Trust presents the first survey comparing the tastes and opinions of the younger and older age categories

Photo Credit: Ferrari

Which brands are on the rise, or represent a promising future for investment, and which are less convincing? Ferrari proves to be a top choice for older and for younger people alike. And so does Porsche. Mercedes, on the other hand, would seem to be less persuasive, due to the fact that only the 300SL is perceived as a recognized model of symbolic excellence. Alfa Romeo is climbing back up, followed by Aston Martin, Jaguar and Lamborghini.

Other brands elicit different reactions from the different age groups. Bugatti and Maserati are among the top ten for older people, while Ford (USA models) and BMW feature among the top ten for the younger generations.

All agree that Fiat is unlikely to become a must for collectors – despite the magnificent 8V. Young people do not have much time for French commercial brands either, while their older counterparts are disinclined to include American models and Rolls Royce. Even Ferrari comes in for some criticism, given the steep acceleration of market prices and the auctions for models manufactured in considerable numbers.

As illustrated in the previous article where we talked about specific models, the Mercedes 300SL is ranked first for both the under-30s and over-55s, while Ferrari is not among the first places, due primarily to the large number of models produced. But when the brands are compared, the ranking changes entirely with the brand from Maranello in first place.

The preferred brands of different targets: under 30s and over 55s